Quality umbrella with enough flex in the struts to cope with some wind. Bisexual/transgender pride themed canopy colours: bi is pink-purple-blue-purple (repeated for 8 segments), trans is white-pink- blue-pink (repeated); same frame. This is the improved frame from the 2019 version. Limited stock of trans pride brollies. See Ebay item for details: IMPORTANT: for delivery, also purchase "Large Item Delivery" (from "Delivery" section); basic postage option is not enough. Otherwise, only customer collection is available (as arranged, T's and C's apply). Delivery will remain pending until arranged/full payment completed. NOTE: activist/concession rate also available, please enquire with information.Show more

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1. London Bisexuals Meetup Group ("LBMG") accepts returns within 14 days if products are not noticeably: used, damaged, altered, washed or otherwise manipulated. 2. Returns must be arranged and agreed in advance with LBMG's consent; a photo of the item might be requested to validate any defect or condition (and to prove any damage caused by delivery/return). 3. Products must be returned in original packaging and well protected for delivery unless agreed otherwise. 4. Anything outside of these terms and statutory rights must be agreed by materially-involved parties. 5. Returns may be subject to a return charge before refund. 6. Customer is to pay for return postage costs unless due defect, or for other situations where statutory rights require free return. Please remember LBMG is a small "sole trader" working for a marginalised community.

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